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Today you have taken a difficult step on a path to a greater sense of well being. Welcome to your journey!

Making the decision to seek therapy can be difficult, it can come after experiencing prolonged discomfort or after the pain of a recent crisis. Life's difficulties can be experienced/expressed both internally with symptoms such as anxiety and depression, or externally as with interpersonal conflict. Therapy can provide tremendous insight, guidance and knowledge leading to a sense of balance, awareness, and relief.

You may come to therapy to feel better about or within yourself, or in your relationships such as with your spouse or partner, or other family member. You may be experiencing a difficult major life transition such as divorce, illness or loss of a loved one.  Deciding how you want to live your life, learning and adapting new healthy coping techniques to create the positive changes and peace you desire, this is all possible.

* Currently I work with a trained Pet Therapy Assistant, Sami, my 7 year old Maltese-Shih tzu, who clients say increases relaxation and provides comfort. Of course, her attendance is completely optional. 

I invite you to call, text or email me for an individual, couple or family therapy initial consultation.

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Start your new path in life and be the change today!

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